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DEMIRGIL Gida operates in the field of meat, doner and ready-made food products. On our site you can find detailed information about the products we produce, production environment and hygiene conditions, certificates we have and permission documents and information about our dealers. DEMIRGIL Food has a food production facility based on the establishment and protection of a properly functioning system for the presentation of reliable products to the consumer. Demirgil Food Facility has 135 tons of fresh storage area, 35 tons of shock storage area, 80 tons of baked production capacity per month and a total production capacity of 300 tons of monthly production capacity.
Founded in Rize in 1995, Besler Food Ltd. Sti. 14 years. Besides Senpilic, Frozenlife, Bereket Doner, Ayfrost, Kingtom products are made by Rize - Artvin Region Franchise. We have not been compromi
SANDALCI KOFTE offer high quality products with its 15 years experience by using worldwide standards and methods. Koret Gida is active in chicken doner kebab, mixed meat doner kebab, sausages doner kebab and baton foods sectors. Our products are produced with high quality hygiene standards. Our company has got a production plant which based on a properly functioning system in the direction of offering reliable products. All of our products which are controlled from the first stage of products preparing to the delivery on consumers, is an indication of our commitment to quality. Our company continues to be active in this sector with its growing customer demands. We maintain our position among the sample organizations with our service sensibility depended on quality, reliable company structure, and experiences in sector. Adopting quality as a duty instead of a privilege is our key to be a preferable company.
History Our firm, which had begun with production of chicken meat at Istanbul Karagumruk in 1982, now continue production at their own production plant at a total area of 16.000 square meters over 220 decares land since 2005. Altin Gida, which left 25 years behind, proudly present Turkish taste in healthy and hygienic conditions. Quality As Altin Gida, our philosophy is to become a group who act legitimate and ethical, manufacture while caring about environment and nature give importance to producer and consumer awareness, search for high quality new products, evaluate human resources carefully, and adopt to priciples of quality and participative management. Our plant cosist of high technology machines. We use a further processing line which only a few entities have in Turkey. Our firm consistently adopt to developing technology.